Security Automation through Visibility

Automated Subdomain Discovery, Digital Asset Dashboard, Security Monitoring & Alerts

Start monitoring for:
Stale Domains
Subdomain Takeovers
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How can AssetWatch Help me?

We want to automate asset discovery and then adding a security monitoring sensor to it whenever possible. Below are a few things we do very well.

Auto discover your website assets

Attackers and Bug Bounty Hunters do various reconnaissance techniques to start finding bugs in your organization. We take an adversarial approach to collecting existing subdomains and assets that already belongs to you and alerting you on new ones as they spawn across the internet. Think of a robot doing this 24/7 for you instead of relying on periodic scans. You deserve to know everything that you own before the bad people get to it.

Monitor subdomain takeover issues

We look for specific vulnerabilities which are simple to identify without you having to put any effort into adding new code. Since we maintain an up-to-date list of your digital assets we also constantly monitor their DNS properties and protect you from takeover attacks.

Continuous monitoring and alerting

Think of us writing security test cases for all your digital assets using an adversarial mindset. We keep track of all vulnerabilities we alert you and run consistent security regression tests for them. This is a common occurrence in bug bounty programs. Never pay for the same bug twice anymore!